PS/MS 219 Paul Klapper School

Frederick Wright, Principal

Erica Paley, Assistant Principal

Sheilah Papa, Assistant Principal

Marlin Vellon, Assistant Principal

2018-2019 Instructional Focus

"Professional Learning Teams will analyze data and track student progress, which will result in rigorous and engaging small group instruction."

School Goals

Comprehensive Educational Plan 2017-18

Instruction and Assessment

Goal 1: By June 2018, 90% of Tier 2 and Tier 3 students in grades K – 2 will meet their individual ELA goals, set three times each year, as measured by DIBELS progress monitoring growth.

Supportive Environment
Goal 2: By June 2018, our Crisis Action Team will consolidate effective practices already in place to develop a cohesive strategy that promotes positive reinforcement and incorporate PBS into classrooms, with our 5th - 8th grade students, resulting in a reduced number of incidents and infractions documented in OORS by 50%.

Teacher Teams
Goal 3: Math teacher teams will engage in three cycles of inquiry team collaborative analysis of student formative assessment data. By June 2018, 85% of Tier 2 students in grades 5 – 7 will meet their individual math goals, set three times each year as measured by Star Assessment progress monitoring growth.

Effective School Leadership
Goal 4: By June 2018, 75% of teachers with average ratings below 3.0 in either Danielson Components 3c and/or 3d will engage in focused cycles of professional learning in planning and student task analysis to improve their instructional practice around student engagement and formative assessment. This will result in a 20% growth of teacher’s final MOTP ratings in components 3c and 3d as well as individual student growth on end of unit performance tasks as per targeted teacher feedback and small group support.

Parental Involvement
Goal 5:
By June 2018, 50% of our parents will participate in at least four high level and/or interest based workshops as well as student celebration activities at school, as measured by sign-in sheets and a parent-participation tracker for these activities.

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