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PS/MS 219

Instructional Focus:

“Improve school-wide consistency of students’ high-level ability to engage in genuine give-and-take discussions by questioning and justifying their own ideas.”


CIE: The CIE asks schools to identify a school-wide instructional focus. It is important for us to use the goal setting process as an opportunity to prioritize improving classroom practice across the school.

Danielson’s 3B: Using Questioning and Discussion Techniques- Moving beyond the “Turn &Talk” (or a “Think, Pair, Share” and “Stop and Jots”) or simple reporting to each other.

QR: 1.2 Develop Teacher Pedagogy from a coherent set of beliefs about how students learn best.

CCLS Shifts: ELA 4- Text-Based Answers, students engage in rich and rigorous evidence based conversations about text. Math 4- Deep Understanding – students deeply understand and operate easily within a Math concept before moving on.


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Where are our visitors from? This map shows where.

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       location of PS/MS 219

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