Meet our Parent Coordinator: Maria Torres

School Phone Number: (718) 793-2130 ext. 3060

Cell Phone Number: 646 752-4077

September 7, 2023

Welcome back families!   

I am excited for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year. My mission is to continue to empower parents to be involved with their children's education by providing them with valuable information and resources. PS/MS 219Q parents can be involved throughout the year by communicating with their child’s teacher, volunteering, and taking part in school activities, events, workshops, PA (Parent Association), and SLT (School Leadership Team).  

I am here to assure parents that your concerns can be heard and addressed effectively. I kindly welcome and encourage parents to communicate any creative ideas or worries. My goal as Parent Coordinator is to bridge the gap between parents, school, and community and to improve relationships between home and school. I aim to empower families to become proactive in their children’s education. Our school motto has been “What We Do Matters,” “How We Feel Matters,” and “Our Work Together Matters.”  

Together we can support our school’s Mission and Vision on social justice, to ensure every child is supplied with the best education and positive experiences they deserve.  

Support Focus: I will provide information, training, and help, through family/parent educational workshops, and family engagement activities. I will provide the tools that may aid parents/guardians to access and track their child’s progress throughout the school year.  

Tools you may access:  

NYC (New York City) Schools Account  

DOE (Department of Education) Student Accounts (  


Maria Torres 

Parent Coordinator, PS/MS 219Q 

144-39 Gravett Rd. Queens, NY (New York) 11367 

718-793-2130 Ext 3060



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