School Goals

Comprehensive Educational Plan 2018-19

We want to share our vision of learning with all stakeholders. These goals represent our school’s vision that every student matters.

Goal #1: By June 2019, our RtI team will create cycles of small group instruction with students in grades K - 2, which will result in 50% of Tier 3 students moving to Tier 2 or Tier 1, measured by DIBELS progress monitoring growth including BOY, MOY, and EOY diagnostics.

Goal #2: By June 2019, our Social Emotional Learning Team will implement a grade-level SEL toolkit derived from our school charter (i.e. mood meter, Meta Moment, feelings vocabulary, protocols, etc.) for all staff members, resulting in a 10:1 ratio of toolkit implementation to teacher removals, in grades 2 - 5.

Goal #3: By June 2019, Math teacher teams in grades 4 - 7 will focus on building pedagogical knowledge in developing at least two units of study with embedded conferencing differentiation, ​​​​directly supporting achievement gaps in specific subgroups, resulting in 85% of students in grades 4-7 achieving at least one year of progress on the NYS Math exam.

Goal #4: By June 2019, administration-led professional development will focus on extensive formative assessment systems - specifically conferring toolkits, creating systems for conferences, and tracking student progress, resulting in 70% of our teachers ranking on level 2a or higher on the PS/MS 219 Instructional Focus Progression.

Five-level conferring toolkit progression on right-facing arrow 

Goal #5: By June 2019, each target parent population will have been provided at least two events that cater to either academic, behavioral, and/or celebratory supports, and involve parent input, measured by a score of 3 on the TPS (Targeted Population Support) Rubric.

The SLT evaluates these CEP goals to ensure the school’s continuous improvement;
please read more at Useful Links for Families page.


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